Tips for Maintaining Proper Tire Tread and Pressure Levels

Two factors impact the performance of your tires on the road as well as your ability to maximize gas mileage. One is the amount of tire tread and the other is maintaining proper tire pressure.

At Fox Charlevoix Ford in Charlevoix, MI we invite you to stop by our friendly service department if you have questions about knowing how to measure either your tires' tread or the level of air pressure. We can help you find your vehicle manufacturer's recommended level of tire pressure, usually on the inner door jam of the driver's seat. And we can show you a sure trick using just an Abraham Lincoln penny to measure tire tread. Simply insert the penny head side down into the tread. If you see Abe's entire head, it's time for new tires!

The better you care for your vehicle's tire pressure and tread levels today, the safer you will be while driving!

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