Automotive Service | Headlights

Driving safely and legally at night requires having working headlights. The lights are necessary to see the road in front of the vehicle in order to see other vehicles, obstructions, road signs and the direction the road takes. When headlights fail to function properly when in the dim or bright mode, vehicle occupants are at risk. If you notice your visibility is not what it should be, your headlights may need repair or replaced.

Sometimes the problem is merely needing to change a headlight bulb. Older model vehicles may require replacement of the entire headlight and housing. Over time, the front of the headlight may become milky or scratched, which interferes with the light emitted from the interior of the fixture. In this case, restoration services are needed. When you notice a visible difference in one or both of your headlights, simply bring the vehicle to our service center at Fox Charlevoix Ford for an evaluation by one of our technicians.

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