4WDS and AWDs: Its nothing Complex, We have it Explained

As a car buyer, the automotive lingo may be confusing, making your choices harder to make. That's why at Fox Charlevoix Ford, we have simplified one aspect of it: The difference between four-wheel-drives (4WDs) and All-wheel-drive(AWDs).

At the very basic, you might know that a vehicle uses either its rear wheels or front wheels to propel forward or backward. Right? 4WDs and AWDs do not do any different. However, whether power is distributed to all four wheels or just one pair of wheels is what makes the difference. AWDs use all wheels all the time.

Four-wheel-drives operate either full time or part-time. Full-time 4WDs has power supplied to each of the wheels all the time. On the other hand, part-time 4WDs have power supplied to only a pair of wheels at a time (mostly to save fuel/gas) but this can be changed to full-time if so preferred.

This mechanical complexity is nothing to worry about. At Fox Charlevoix Ford it is made easier. Check us out and we solve it for you

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